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The Lion Sleeps Tonight
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Many of our animals were rescued from neglectful or abusive situations. We have taken in many unwanted pets and have given them proper husbundry, vet care and the love that they deserve. This is very costly to do therefore we do accept donations of supplies as well as monetary donations that are always put towards the never ending care of these beloved animals. We are federally licensed and take great pride in making sure our animals have the best possible care.
Please choose at least six animals for your event! 

Bearded Dragon

Little Foot is a Bearded Dragon that loves being held and pet by all ages. Very docile and calm she loves just hanging out on everyone's lap. Kids love to watch her scarf up meal worms.

Noel is a pure white kitty that we adopted from a shelter he is extremly lovey and cuddly with everyone!
Simba is a Savannah Cat (cross between a household cat and an African Serval) We adopted him from someone that was trying to place him in a new home. He needed emergency surgery on his kidneys as soon as we got him and thankfully we were able to save him!

We adopted Coal from someone trying to find a new home for him.
He is very social and quite adorable. 
People of all ages love touching and petting the SOFTEST animal on the planet!

Coatimundis are very mischevious mammals that are indigenous to Central America and are in the raccoon family. Albert is more than a handful to care for. I would certainly not recommend this type of animal for a pet to the average person. I bring him out on a leash and harness. He climbs all over me and will jump for marshmallows. He is very cute and fun to observe but since he is full of energy he can be a little too playful to allow anyone to touch him. Even though Albert is "hands off" children and adults of all ages really enjoy seeing him during our program.
Mocha is a very gentle and playful Silver Masked Ferret and Latte is a Blondie. Children and adults of all ages enjoy holding and cuddling them. We rescued them from a home that could no longer care for them.


We have Godzilla who is a Pac Man Frog. He is very cool to observe closely but for his optimal health and safety he can not be touched.            

We rescued freckles from someone that could no longer care for him. He likes to just hang out on your shoulder and take great pictures. His face looks like a little crocodile. Children enjoy holding him and like all the interesting facts about this type of Gecko! 

Humphrey is a Teddy Bear Hamster. We got him from a pet store out of a over crowded boring cage. He is now the king of his castle in his own cage with lots of tunnels and a wheel to run on. Children of all ages enjoy holding him and love watching him zoom around in his toy race car!


Princess Poppy like most other hedgies can be very shy and likes to curl in a ball. People of all ages enjoy feeling her prickly quills and looking at her adorable face as she plays peekaboo. She is not dangerous to touch and is definitely a favorite amongst all ages.

Hermit Crabs
We have some very active large Strawberry Crabs, they love to run around and climb. Children enjoy holding them and we will bring a hermit crab race track and let them race each other!
Rocky is our large Iguana. He is a beautiful bright green color! He is a little squirrely when we first take him out but he just needs a moment to relax. Children can not hold him due to his size and sharp nails. Everyone still enjoys being able to pet him and see how beautiful he is up close.
Hissing Cockroaches
Children really enjoy having these insects tickle their hands by crawling around on them! These insects are harmless and are interesting because of their appearance, behavior, and mode of communication! They are not considered a pest like most people believe. They are generally misunderstood and do play a very important role in Africa's eco- system.

We have two awesome Giant Millipedes that people love to let crawl on their hands! They are named Tickles and Giggles and you will definitely feel & hear the giggles they bring!


Pearl is an Umbrella Cockatoo. Sadly he has been passed from home to home and does have some bad habits, but he has quite the personality and loves to dance and laugh! He says a few words like "Hello" and "pretty Pearl" he usually puts on quite a show and is very entertaining!


Buddy is a sweet, loving bunny that was homeless. He was found scratching at someone's door during a snow storm. After not being able to locate his owners, they contacted us. We decided to take him where he will now always have lot's of love, and shelter. People of all ages enjoy feeding him carrots and petting his soft fur.

Savannah Monitor
We obtained Irwin from someone that was not educated on the proper care of this type of reptile. He was not supplied with the proper nourishment or heating. He is doing very well since we are giving him the care he needs. It has been said that he looks like a baby dinosaur and is very calm and cute! 
People of all ages enjoy petting and holding him.

  Skinny Pig  (Hairless Guinea Pig)  

Ozzy is an adorable baby Hairless Guinea Pig. Kids laugh and giggle with delight petting and holding him. He is very sweet and loves to be fed treats. His skin is soft and it's hard not to love Ozzy he is so ugly he's cute!!!!

Anna Banana is a large Ball Python. She is a very hands on beautiful Albino. She is very calm and kids enjoy having her hang out on their shoulders, or on their laps!

Cornelius is a beautiful Albino corn snake. He is very active and kids love having him make a snake bracelet coiling around their writs. He is very hands on and interactive with all ages!

Ceasar is a Black Emperor Scorpion, While this particular species of scorpion is known for it's docile and tolerant nature, for precautionary purposes, he will not be held by children. Everyone enjoys looking at him closely but the safety of our animals and the children viewing them are considered our highest priority.

Spinderella is our Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. She is venomous but has never bitten anyone and a bite would be very comparable to a bee sting! Children do enjoy holding her on a blanket. She is very cool to observe closely and learn about.
Big Mac is a leopard tortoise. He has a very unique design to his shell and is very calm and cute. He will grow very large. Everyone LOVE's holding him and watching him eat some snacks!

Gary is Red Eared slider who we obtained a few years ago from someone that could no longer care for her due to her size. When you get these turtles from a pet store they may start out little but keep in mind that they will eventually grow to a much larger size!  
Walking Stick Bug
These insects are very unique! They like to just hang out on your hand pretending they are a stick making them very easy to handle! Kids seem to really enjoy them and are very amused by them producing lots of giggles!!!     
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TinyAlbertSydneywalking stick bug
ZorroLazy Day's!Cuddle bug!Awww!
DrakeZazu-a face only a mamma could love!Precious Baby!
Zazu all grown up!PearlNot being a "monster"!!Kiwi
just hangin out!Peekaboo!Me and my Pearl!Kiki
MeekoIrwin give me a KISS!!
Dora and DiegoTwiggysome school visits
Chica comming out of her shed!she is easier to handle with two people!!!!Rango!!!Anna Banana!
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